About us

BGMIApkDownload.net was created by a community of fans of the fighting game Battlegrounds Mobile India. We set up this website to share the latest news, and teach people how to download and install BGMI games for free and fastest.

1. What does BGMIApkDownload.net do?

Every day we do different things with this website:

1.1. Update to the latest version of the game BGMI

For a better game experience, people always want to play on the latest version of BGMI. Because in the latest version, there are many interesting events coming up.

Our mission is to upload the latest installation for everyone to download and install right on their devices.

It is safe to download and install BGMI games, as we always test and source them from the developers.

1.2. Update new news

We publish the latest BGMI news, including policy changes, new features added with each new release, in-game and offline events.

New news about BGMi will be posted on the "News" section of this website.

2. Mission of bgmiapkdownload.net

We find ways to develop a community of BGMI gaming enthusiasts, aiming to become a civilized and creative community.

To do that, we will try to attract more people to visit this website, organize online and offline meetings for gamers to have the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences.

Finally, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the community of fans of the BGMI game. We will try to make this site valuable.